Is a two-part project referencing how humans and particular animals pass knowledge, data and information onto their young for day-to-day existence and for use in the future, utilising both instinct and adaptive behaviour.

Starting at 14 months an infant starts to learn about edible plants and eating things as they grow by taking part, and following a parent looking for edible species on verges, hedges, bushes, tree’s and alongside the shore. This behaviour is intentionally set out as a political parameter of knowldege to counteract and, to form a grounding from the external conditioning and the normalisation of the technically proccessed edible economy.

eating things part one is recorded from 2010 - 2017 as an on-going subjective seven year taxonomy and is relating the time-scale of an orangutans famillial knowledge relationship.

Documentation below / full archive to follow...

2010 - 2017.