equipment inventory
for a momentary media lab
> connectivity: + temporary isdn business line installed in the flat: installation and 1 month line rental from british telecom, £450 [domestic isdn service not available from BT without a 1-year contract; non-BT service not available for the flat]

  + isdn net connection from Demon Internet, 1 month unlimited [package name] at £19.99-

  + in conjunction with Surftime phone time package from BT, 1 month at £19.99

  + netgear ISDN router on loan, courtesy of Bill Hulley

> software & hosting: + audio and video encoded on RealSystem Producer basic for Macintosh [free download from]

  + webcast on RealServer at [courtesy of Fallout radio]

  + website courtesy of Skyscraper digital publishing

> webcaster hardware: + mini-ethernet hub, 3 iMac computers, ethernet cable, video projector & DV camera courtesy of Isis Arts.

> studio: + supermodem's own

> hospitality: + all cakes used Baby Belling stove & oven [flat's own]

- not everything worked ... >