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[Harold] boothy- L sends love but bows out with head battered
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[neural] b-less again :(
[Pop] and G :)
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[neural] so is superflat the flat of fame?
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[neural] mallard is such a wanker, as they say
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[didi_LA] hello all - back from steel disasters
[Pop] hi didi
[Harold] K and L - great set
[didi_LA] I was able to catch bits of the show as I went in and out - I'm in
[neural] so is that a wrap for a while?
[Pop] looks like it
[Pop] so.. admin here?
[didi_LA] kate, send them to me via overnight delivery, please
[boothy] Hey I lost vision for about 5 minutes. Is it over
[neural] H
[Pop] music's gone
[boothy] Music coming back?
[neural] H
[neural] cam is mostly static. looks like break down time
[Pop] think so
[Pop] dail a drink I think :)
[Harold] think butty r done
[Pop] *dial
[boothy] Nooooooooooooooooooo
[neural] open mic, i guess
[Harold] boothy - lou sends love
[boothy] Right back at her
[Harold] nappy change?
[boothy] I got her mail. sent one back
[Harold] ah well 4 small mercies
[neural] didi, you're in LA too?
[didi_LA] yes - where are you?
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[neural] venice
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[Pop] hm...
[didi_LA] ah - jurassic?
[neural] jurassic museum of technology?
[Harold] See ya boothy - tempt us with yer Ozzy enticements and we may even b
there 1 day
[didi_LA] yes - are you connected to jmt?
[neural] no... i'm just a civilian caught inteh crossfire
[boothy] I'll keep on tryin... Take care man.
[didi_LA] oh - do u know these2?
[neural] flatcam --] voyeurcam :) these 2 being____?
[Harold] cheers fella - beennice + strange, take it easy
[boothy] Rhitto
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[didi_LA] the lovelies of flat culture
[neural] ah no... just stumbled upon them courtesy of Pop here
[boothy] I might know em
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[didi_LA] great find! check out killradio tonight and tomorrow night - we'll be
doing a link from there - allah willing
[neural] so what's the link to the folks at MoJT?
[boothy] Is that you N&K
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[neural] killradio.com?
[didi_LA] one of the ladies of flat introduced me to it long ago and has
herselfbeen know to frequent events, etc.
[didi_LA] killradio.org
[neural] oh ok... i just stumbled across mojt too :) cool, i'll check for it
[didi_LA] but since you're in venice, you are very close by and thought you may
be someone I know thru theMoJT
[Pop] killradio.com is a no go site ;(
[boothy] Ok I must away. Thanks Nicola and Kelly. Love you guys!xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
[neural] nope, but i bring all my visitors to lost angeles there and let them
suffer. :)
[didi_LA] not until night - it comes on I think saturday - unless you know
something I don't know?]
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[didi_LA] pop?
[neural] ?PH?
[neural] ?
[Pop] ?
[didi_LA] is the site down, or do you mean the event ain't happening?
[Pop] no.. typed .com rather than .org :)
[neural] ac
[didi_LA] gotcha
[neural] so what is tomorrow's show about then?
[didi_LA] 2am - 4? we have aural treats - maybe visuals!
[Pop] seems to be a large host of events all thru the day
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[minstrel] Hey. Wassup?
[didi_LA] there is at that - a lot.
[didi_LA] hi min
[minstrel] hey, didi..
[neural] brb
[didi_LA] it suddenly got really dark and quiet
[minstrel] yeah, what's going on?
[didi_LA] thank god, the quiet village!
[Pop] curtain closed shot :(
[minstrel] Is there any culture in the flat?
[Pop] plenty of it me thinks
[Pop] just not now :(
[minstrel] behind the curtain?
[didi_LA] we want superflat!
[minstrel] bring out the Gimp!
[didi_LA] ha
[Pop] hehe
[minstrel] No, really what's going on - I just logged on..
[Pop] i think they are makingfood
[didi_LA] well - minutes ago, our hosts had a wonderfull butty show
[minstrel] excuse me?
[didi_LA] ladies in lingeries, spinning kickin tunes and being cheekiest
[minstrel] Ah, the Salad kids. They rock!
[Pop] hehe
[Pop] had to be seen
[didi_LA] love those greens.
[minstrel] And heard, I'm sure.
[didi_LA] yes, that too
[Pop] where you @ didi?
[didi_LA] LA, baby
[Pop] really LA
[didi_LA] rewey
[didi_LA] you?
[Pop] the flat next door :)
[didi_LA] ha!!
[didi_LA] I used ot live with KR in SF
[Pop] well.. not next door.. the next block
[didi_LA] why aren't you in there - oh, your teasing me
[Pop] I'm hoping to crash it tomorrow :)
[Pop] with Mac in hand :)
[didi_LA] the music is making me head get all spinny!
[Pop] I know hwre you are
[didi_LA] don't know if I can take
[Pop] *where
*** Rupert has joined #orang
[Pop] you must have taken it living with kelly :)
[didi_LA] okay - really gotta go get my costume together - pop- you lost me
[Pop] ooops :(
[didi_LA] neural - what's up for hallown?\
[minstrel] Hey Rup!
[Pop] halloween? :)
[Pop] you guys :)
[didi_LA] its a holiday whre people dress up and drink and eat candy and shit
[Pop] what.. you get a day off for it?
[minstrel] They eat shit?
[didi_LA] continuously (answers both q's)
[Rupert] I have no idea whats going on so I'm going for a ciggerette
[minstrel] What kind of people are you...?
[didi_LA] me too - bye all
*** didi_LA Quit (didi_LA)
[Pop] oh god.. its carnage.. not!!!! ;)
[Pop] I need beer
[minstrel] Dial-a-drink
[Pop] hehe
[Rupert] cup of tea?
[Pop] just a pint would do it
[minstrel] Hey Rup, I thought you were a Mute.
[Pop] of alcholic beverage
[Rupert] no just chain smoking(it takes time to roll cigerettes)
[Pop] might get job in soon :)
[minstrel] How's it taste? I just quit
[Rupert] fantastic
[minstrel] Something's happening...
[Rupert] like chocolete cake
[Pop] ooooh a good hand rolled cigarette .mmm.....
[Pop] tastes like.. like victory :)
[minstrel] hehe
[Rupert] smells like victory!
[Pop] to steal a line
*** isis has joined #orang
[minstrel] Hey isis
[Pop] oooooh.. THE isis?
[isis] the isis?
[minstrel] Is you Is, or Is you ain't my ISIS?
[Pop] yeah
[isis] i'm digital isis
[Pop] hehe
[minstrel] prove it!
[Pop] im pissed Pop
[isis] i am digital
[Rupert] i'm smoking
[minstrel] so you say...
[Pop] Pop?
[isis] i'm typing
[minstrel] so...
[isis] ...yes
[Pop] are you laughing minstrel?
[minstrel] ....hmmmm
[minstrel] What's happening in the flat. I have no audio
[Pop] or whatever minstrels do... :-|
[minstrel] Mince... would be the obvious answer!
[Pop] OMG..
[minstrel] OMG...?
*** Pop Quit (Pop)
[isis] can you not hear hawaiian disco?
*** Pop has joined #orang
[minstrel] Am I missing Hawiian disco?
[isis] certainly!
[minstrel] What;s wrong with my terminal. Maybe it's terminal!

[neural] mmy java irc is mostly dead. i have to cut and paste everythingy java
irc is mostly dead. i have to cut and paste everything
[neural] no sound for me either
[Rupert] nor me
*** neural Quit (neural)
[isis] subscribe for $99.99 please
[Pop] I have Hawaii :) (spelling)
[minstrel] How many streams do they have?
[isis] 1500
[Rupert] hello clive
[minstrel] sounds like enough!
[isis] ---...----.-.-.-.-.--.-.-.-.--.-.-.--.-.-.-.
[isis] catch my drift
[Pop] stop typing BS isis
[minstrel] Ah, it is you Clive!
[isis] yes teacher of redundant technology
[isis] who is minstrel
[Rupert] somthing about tennis ?
[minstrel] I'm watching a Lord of the Rings trailer. Anyone seen it?
[isis] 15 love
[isis] yes
[Rupert] which one
[minstrel] Looks ace. And it has sound!
[amitabh] hello?
*** amitabh has joined #orang
[minstrel] hello.
[amitabh] so who lives in the flat of culture?
[minstrel] The silent people
[amitabh] are they not talking?
[Pop] /me does
[minstrel] they can't stand each other
[amitabh] glad to hear it
[Rupert] they do seem very silent
[amitabh] i'm worried about them
[minstrel] why?
[amitabh] anything could have happened in there
[Pop] can you not here the music?
[amitabh] yeah,some sign of life
[minstrel] Fernando...!
[Pop] lol
[Pop] the record sleve says it all ;)
[amitabh] oh yeah?
[Pop] *sleeve
[minstrel] Shall we club together and send them pizza
[amitabh] no anchovies
[Pop] as long as you send me 1 too
[Rupert] and me
[minstrel] Please send me your credit card details
[[amitabh]] you go first
[Rupert] credit card?
[Pop] whats that?
[minstrel] Like a UB40, but plastic!
[isis] we only use an abacus here to web cast with
[Pop] good band
[minstrel] plastic band, rubber is better
[Rupert] who abacus or UB40
[minstrel] Bet there is a band called abacus
[Pop] there is
[Pop] refering to it
[minstrel] what did they do
[Rupert] i can't type quick enough !
[Pop] not much
[minstrel] which question are you answering?
[Pop] what did they do
[Pop] or are you not asking me
[minstrel] like what
[minstrel] hello? hello?
[Pop] goodbye goodbye
[Pop] that was 1 of theres ;0
[minstrel] Not getting sound. Making me sad. night-night y'all
[Pop] ciao
[Rupert] god night
*** minstrel Quit (minstrel)
*** amitabh Quit (amitabh)
*** Minstrel has joined #orang
[Minstrel] getting sound. happy!
[[Pop]] w00t
[Rupert] hello minstrel
[Minstrel] That doesn't sound very hawaiian
[Rupert] still no sound for me
[[Pop]] we need a balcony shot.....
[Minstrel] restart RealPlayer
*** amitabh has joined #orang
[isis] hyello amitabh
[Pop] we need a balcony shot
[isis] you are my hero
[amitabh] thanks
[Minstrel] Direct! Direct!
[Rupert] i think i have a speaker problem
[Minstrel] Do you have any?
[Pop] wow.. click on name for private chat
[[Minstrel]] hey. does this work
[Rupert] a tour of the flat would be nice
[isis] amitabh where are you staying int he uk
[Rupert] yes i have one speaker
[[Minstrel]] better than none
*** job has joined #orang
[job] yay
[Pop] w00t @ job :)
[[Minstrel]] I am everyone
[job] hehe
[Pop] ooops.. caps lock :)
[isis] you are are you amitabh
[Pop] slippy fingers
[[Minstrel]] nice gong!
[Pop] hehe
[Pop] nice sleeve
[Minstrel] who's dancing in the BG?
[isis] they don't call me helen for nothing
[Rupert] i'm going to go and fix my speaker back in a bit
*** Rupert Quit (Rupert)
[Pop] hello helen
[Minstrel] Enjoy guys. Ta-ra
[isis] of course I can, I can give madonna a run for her money
*** Minstrel Quit (Minstrel)
[Pop] so who gets the 'pill' session ? :)
[isis] of course, so amitabh have you your white suit on
[Pop] or is that just course for the game?
*** rupert has joined #orang
[isis] so bvlack shirt only
[Pop] see my flat pic job?
[job] nope
[isis] yes I did, very good
[Pop] on the site
[job] you did that image?
[Pop] nope
[isis] you e-mailed to the flat chicks
[job] or is it the flat you live in?
[Pop] its a photo
[isis] it's fictional
[Pop] i think its the one next door
[job] hm k
[isis] amitabh have you been called to the set
[Pop] someone has erased the other 2 :(
*** rupert Quit (rupert)
[job] :|
[isis] you don't need to do that, it comes so naturally
[Pop] who are you talking to isis?
*** e has joined #orang
*** e Quit (e)
[Pop] and who controls the camera?
[isis] I am gonna have to be reserved about that one
[Pop] we need a tour
[isis] the tour shall be on tomorrow specially
[Pop] ooooh.. I hope so
[job] fare well.
*** job Quit (job)
[Pop] me 2.. ciao
*** Pop Quit (Pop)
[isis] helen is very tired tonight, she will have much more energy tomorrow
[isis] on-line is the resting place for helen this weekend
[isis] you catch that gabar singh ...
[isis] funny I was thinking of gabar singh
[isis] because he's so bad
[isis] oh yes
] whos that
] amitblah
[isis] I know that
[amitabh] choli ke peeche?
[isis] kya hai
[amitabh] my bad hindi.
[isis] of course
[amitabh] :-)
*** mimi has joined #orang
] hi meme
[isis] later amitabh ...helen
[amitabh] later helen. Im out x
*** amitabh Quit (amitabh)
[mimi] Oi Nik just what the hell are you doing?
] nik is gone
[mimi] Aaaah Home?
[mimi] Hows it going anyway?
[isis] well, fun & exhausting
[mimi] Whats it in aid of?
[mimi] Seen the flyer in Salsa club, thought we'd pop in and see
[isis] culture & long / short distance communications