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Sneha Solanki is an artist working with the emergent, precarious and overlooked. She often works in process-based environments; producing events and projects which utilise open and collaborative methodologies to engender knowledge.

Sneha has made works with bacteria following protocols of the emergent area of Synthetic Biology, from the invisible signals emitted from military bases, with plants, computer viruses and analogue television. She co-founded and directed Polytechic, an organisation emphasising hands-on, open and distributed approach to art & technology where she produced, curated and led a range of national and international activity between 2002-2012.

Recent projects includes fieldwork and research investigating the natural, modified and engineered microorganisms found within our food systems including E-NUMBERS v2.0, an additive library on novel and engineered food and flavouring producing microorganisms.

Previously Sneha has exhibited / performed or produced workshops at; Summerhall, Edinburgh; Transitio_MX05', Fonteca Nacional, Mexico City, MX. CCA, Glasgow, UK; ICA, London, UK; Contemporary Art Centre, Riga, LV; FO.AM, Brussels, BE; The Museum of Modern Art, Belgrade, CS; Watson Institute, Boston, USA; Post & Tele Museum, Copenhagen, DK.