DIYBIO: designing for open source science
Led by Stacey Kuznetsov. CultureLab, Newcastle University, UK. 2012
A one day lab bringing together artists, biologists, engineers, scientists and hobbyists to share knowledge, engage and explore in DIY biology. Workshops led by:

Stacey Kuznetsov-
DIYbio Manchester / Hwa Young Jung -
Anna Dumitriu -
Rod Dillon -

Images: left to right
- Hwa Young Jung from DIYbio Manchester - Soil powered battery
- Collecting soil: Jam jar, soil, electrode tissue disc with a+ connector
- Jam jar: x2 electrode tissue discs with a + and - connectors, soil and lid
- Testing the potential energy of the 'soil battery'

- Anna Dumitriu - Infective Textiles
- Natural materials with anti-bacterial properties stitched onto canvas
- Petri-dish: Agar with nutrient broth and clove stitched onto canvas
- Petri-dishes: Natural materials with anti-bacterial properties

- Rod Dillon - DIY bloodfeeding for bloodsucking insects
- Chicken: food for the 'bloodsucking' sand flies
- Fly 'net' enclosure with a feeding system.
- Fly 'net' enclosure with Sand flies