spoonbender + view.my.source.code.
{Dominic Smith & Sneha Solanki}
synchronised robotic biofeedback mix in 8-bit AV

A live a performance by spoonbender as a central output/input unit interfaced & re-processed by view.my.source.code.

The cabled, patched & connected body of the central performer, Spoonbender, behaves and imitates an output/input processing unit. It sends, receives and directs generated data as midi signals and pulses translating into 8-bit sound and a trigger to a code based textual interface.

Wearing a specially created outer shell constructed to facilitate input and output connections, spoonbender physically plugs into himself to 'output' self-generated pulses and 'input' to receive re-processed and returned feedback. The output pulse actions trigger an automated code based visual interface which is then reinterpreted and re-directed as midi signals back as an 'input' into spoonbenders patch-bay bodyshell to remix. This relay of pulses and signals between spoonbenders input/output shell and code interface continues to translate and process into a sampled, mixed and remixed performance of evolving 8-bit music of repetition, beats and remixes.


Machinista Festival
Glasgow. May 04.