EATING THINGS has extended out from a family project documenting the journey of two children as they start to learn and eat edible 'things' from 'outside'. Starting in 2010 when the eldest child was a year old, the project became a method to 'grow' knowledge as the children grew. Detached from generational knowledge of food ecologies through structural one-way food systems and displacement, the project seeks to enact a series of methods on foraging to growing, deepen and develop knowledge and culture through shared intergenerational learning.

IRL As time passed, the familys experience has amplified the mediation of learning by technology and the internet. Starting afresh, Eating Things calls for intergenerational learning to 'grow' knowledge in IRL (in real life) utilising our current nature, which now in the first instance, seeks information online. IRL performs the internet, the family of foragers lead to 'search', gather and 'process' the 'results' of edible, medical and harmful plants and fungus found outside of conventional food systems to develop situated data as memory.



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Events & Exhibitions

IRL. North shields, UK. October 08 2022. Event details- >>

IRL. Castlefield Gallery, Manchester, UK. 24 September 2022

IRL. ArtHouses, Whitley Bay, UK. 13 August 2022

IRL. BEER & BERRIES Festival Hospitalfield, Arbroath, UK. 06 August 2022

IRL. A botanical Library, FEAST Journal, Fallowfiled Secrter Garden, Manchester UK. 26 June 2022

BEER & BERRIES Festival Hospitalfield, Arbroath, UK. August 2021

BEER & BERRIES Festival Hospitalfield, Arbroath, UK. September 2020

FEAST Journal, Consuming children Issue 1, 2018



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