EATING THINGS is a family project that documents the journey of two infants, as they start to learn and eat edible flora and fungi. Growing in knowledge and age, the children follow a parent, and later an older sibling to look for edible things on verges, bushes, trees, the ground, along the shore, in woods and amongst human dwelling.

Working the edge,* the human family forage to encourage thinking and acting about food and its' ecology, outside and alongside the one-way food system. They climb trees to pick apples, nuts and cherries. They wander about looking for mushrooms whilst grazing on berries.

EATING THINGS started in 2010 when the eldest child was a year old as an approach to consider what and how we consume. Activated by research into other family and community based groups, in particular Orangutans whom pass knowledge onto their young for over seven years, this project also aims to provoke instinctive and adaptive behaviour to think about day-to-day and future resilience.

Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing *



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BEER & BERRIES Festival Hospitalfield, Arbroath, UK. August 2021

BEER & BERRIES Festival Hospitalfield, Arbroath, UK. September 2020

FEAST Journal, Consuming children Issue 1, 2018



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