The Radio Craft Lab took place at Isis Arts over a period of 5 days as part the AV08 Festival. The lab was a ‘hands-on’ laboratory for a small group of artists wishing to work intensively with the notions, and materials of radio and broadcast alongside the expertise and guidance of international artists.

The lab week commenced with a ‘hands on’ approach to making radio tools, which included a mini fm transmitter building day with Tetsuo Kogawa which was then followed by a workshop led by Joyce Hinterding- building a low frequency antennae constructed from bicycle wheel rims and copper wire. Knut Aufermann intersected the mid-point of the week with a live radio broadcast, hosting a group show on the AV Festival radio station at the Discovery Museum, Newcastle upon Tyne. The remainder of the week focused on web-based ‘broadcast’ and means of distribution, led by Raitis Smits & Rasa Smite from RIXC on netcasting and ‘Performance on Demand’ - podcasting led by Dominic Smith. The participants experimented with their radio tools and instruments to stream / perform live over the internet using free and open source software, a natural progression from open circuits / hardware to open source software.

Testuo Kogawa
Mini Fm

Joyce Hinterding
Everything is an antenna

Knut Aufermann

radio_craft_lab: on air

Rasa Smite & Raitis Smits


Dominic Smith

Performance on demand

Managed and facilitated by Sneha Solanki .
Radio Craft Lab by- Isis Arts | Part of the AV08 Festival.