U.K Equality Act 2010

Equality Act 2010 Legislation

Scotland's Official Ethnicity Classification

In 2008 Scotland changed its' official ethnicity classification in 2011, initially for the Scottish census. The new ethnicity classification of 'BLACK' was expanded upon to include ethnicity by geographical location rather than colour. Whilst the 'WHITE' category was expanded upon, it did not remove or reword the term 'WHITE'.

Reworded section on 'Black' ethnicity states:

The 'Black, Black Scottish or Black British' category will be re-worded 'African, Caribbean or Black'.
A new tick box will be added for 'Black, Black Scottish or Black British' to give respondents the option to identify in this way if they wish.

People who do not wish to identify as 'Black' will not be required to do so and will be able to choose an 'African, African Scottish or African British' or 'Caribbean, Caribbean Scottish or Caribbean British' tick box or to write-in their response.


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