TONE_DEAF- reversioning bias

Why are 'Equality Monitoring Forms' from the 2010 Equality legislation act [1.] based on 'racial' prejudice and inconsistencies when it comes to ethnicity?

How can 'skin colour' be a 'race'?
Do 'races' or the separation of a human 'race' even exist?
Why are the huge inconsistencies between some people described ethnically by colour whilst others are described by their or their familial geographical origination?

TONE_DEAF is an artwork and a working administrative toolkit which has begun the process of reversioning the 'Equality Monitoring Form' as a working document for Star and Shadow Cinema, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Starting at the 'Ethnicity' section, the form looks to clarify any misrepresentations, inaccuracies and any discriminatory political labelling often used in most monitoring forms within the U.K. from the 2010 Equality Act.

The new section of the form provides a space for volunteers and the wider community that access Star and Shadow Cinema to openly represent themselves. It is also an Open Source project which has been instigated to encourage and develop further iterations post V.1 for an evolving dialogue and for full representation, which also includes to right to object, modify or omit any information.



> Star and Shadow Cinema Micro Commission, November 2020

  1. UK Government Legislation- Equality Act 2010, section 9