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What is the future of food in the face of climate change?

Micro_organisms are worth more than gold, and a key ingredient to the future of food, economic and social systems. A micro_prospecting team have identified these resources and future sustainable food sources exist within the local craft food & beverage micro_economic system of East London.

Harvested, mapped and sampled in 2017, the organisms are transported beyond 2°c to the year 2067 for the micro_food bar.

Transformed by the micro_prospectors with micro_culinary enthusiasts Blanch & Shock and with micro_economic input from artist & micro_trader Kate Rich, the micro_food bar is a place to barter, trade and exchange in cryptocurrencies, un-monetised exchange and time-bank currency for a taste of localised food security.

> Money, markets & Trading Systems in a Period of Climate Change – Kate Rich

Mapping input by Alexia Mellor, Culinary input from Chefs Blanch & Shock and economic input from micro_trader Kate Rich
2 Degree’s Festival, Toynbee studios, London, 2017

With thanks to;
Alexia Mellor
Adam Vanni – JARR Kombucha
Åsa Simonsson
Blanch & Shock– Mike Knowlden & Josh Pollen
Paige Perillat Piratoine – East London Juice
Kate Rich – Feral trade

Commissioned by Arts Admin