PhD Candidate- Newcastle University (Fine Art and School of Geography, Politics & Sociology) and Berwick Maltings, 2023

Dukes Hagg Column Wild Museum, Residency, June 2023

Biodwelling MFL: micro food library, Micro-reserach and Design commission, HBBE, Newcastle University, March 2023

EATING THINGS. mimazina, Issue #31 Winter 2022

EATING THINGS, participatory event, North Shields, October, 2022

EATING THINGS. Artists Talk & Walk, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester, September 2022

EATING THINGS. Home Actions, ArtHouses, Whitley Bay, August 2022

EATING THINGS. Beer & Berries, Hospitalfield, Arbroath, August 2022

EATING THINGS. Fallowfield secret Garden FEAST Journal and A Modest show, Manchester, June 2022

Star & Shadow cinema, December 2021


Issue #25 August 2021

Beer and Berries Festival
- 21 August 2021

E-NUMBERS V2.0 Summerhall, Edinburgh, June - Sept 2021

PATRA v2.1- FEAST Journal, SPICE Issue, 2021

Darkness to Light: sunrise mix- Winter Solstice, 20-21 December 2020. RE:LISTEN- Pt 3: 7.10-9.10 >>

TONE_DEAF V.1- micro commission 2020

EATING | THINGS BEER & BERRIES Festival Hospitalfield, Arbroath, UK. September 12 2020

Fantastic(e)ating Food Futures workshop- documentation >> July 2020

Dawn mix for Slow Down Solstice, 20-21 June 2020 RE:LISTEN- 7.53-8.38 >>

V I R O C E N E- Online work 18 May- 22 May 2020

KAALA SONA- RE:LISTEN 17 May & 24 May 2020

POSTPONED:>E-NUMBERS v2.0: Exhibition,Summerhall, Edinburgh, 2020

PATRA v2.0 resilience recipe FEAST Journal- SALT Issue, 2020

v i r o c e n e- window(s) virus, Feb 2020

E-NUMBERS V2.0:, Great North Museum, September 2019

Bio-Design Lab, University of Edinburgh, May 2019

E-Numbers Residency, ASCUS, 2018-19

Green Lab Residency, micro_food library, 2018-19

EATING|THINGS, FEAST Journal, Consuming children Issue 1, 2018

ANALOGUE IS NOT DIGITAL, Workplace Gallery, Gateshead, September 2018

ArtHouses, Whitley Bay, Selection panel, June 2018

the_lovers, Moravian Library, Brno, CZ. January 2018

Sixth Mass Extinction: snack bar . October 2017

field recordings. Dark Outside FM, Sanctuary Lab, Dumfries & Galloway Forest, September 2017

micro_bar . August 2017

FEED. Queens Hall Arts, Hexham July 2017

micro_micro. 2 Degrees Festival, London. June 2017

EATING | THINGS Dukes Hagg Column

MFL: E-Numbers v2.0

MFL: micro_micro

MFL: micro_bar

MFL: Invisible tour

MFL: micro_feed

MFL: micro_cooking_club


resillience recipes
V I R O C E N E TONE_DEAF V.1 Kaala Sona error_glitch Resillience Recipes


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Cultivation Lab Molecular gastronomy HOSTEXE Flat of Culture Picnic
CPU Aural State In no particular order! CUT the_lovers
cast_Off networked body booth Towerblock tv