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Test Tube Food- Cultvation Field 
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 01 : Test tube Food 

A synaesthetic dinner of experimental courses matched with guest toasts to debate food culture.

Reclaiming the Nostalgia of kitchen science

We now reverse the notion of the artistic and personal in the field and bring the field into the kitchen. Looking at the cultivation of organic, edible and biological material through scientific methods within personal and domestic environments.

The nostalgia of kitchen science proposes the reclaimation of scientific methods from the biotechnology and food industry to discuss the closed and proprietary nature of these global giants.

The 'end user license' is of great concern- death in one life span.

Cloning, culturing, invitro and selective techniques can all be applied to the domestic and artistic environments.

Are these active, open and parallel methods to facilitate change or just artistic metaphors which we consume ?

 Reclaiming the Nostalgia of Kitchen Science
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 Brussels, BE. 2008

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