01 : Physic Garden 

 03 : loop cycle 
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 01 : loop cycle 

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Test Tube Food- Cultvation Field 
Cultvation lab- CCA 
Cultvation lab - Polytechnic 
Reclaiming the Nostalgia ...- Fo.am 

 01 : Test tube Food 

Using methods which exist in the public domain and in the proprietary and commercial scientific research domains, the cultivation lab illustrates the discourse into the open and closed systems of language and knowledge in the two binary areas of the domestic and the scientific.

The cultivation lab takes cuttings of edible plantae from allotments, gardens, windowsills and roadsides to clone and grow the ‘explant’ material through in-vitro micropropagation techniques. Oscillating through an autonomous ‘wild’ space of ecology, domestic knowledge and culture through to a controlled, contained semi-asceptic scientific space, the lab re-uses and re-cycles old idea’s from open and closed systems of authorship and knowledge as the ‘cut & paste’ merger of disciplines, domains and debate, creating on-going and living feedback loops.

* 2006 - ongoing