Two networked machines, one infected with a virus, slowly infects the other through the interface of classic romantic poetry.

A breakdown in the relationship was inevitable once the virus had seeped into the memory of one machine and then into the other through a singular network cable affecting the poetic text files. Communication between the two deteriorated, leading to irrational & at times odd behaviour. Each machine reacted with equal confusion and conflict. The interface text became an illegible poetic mutation of itself.

%%File: A Red, Red Rose.TXT
%%File: Where, oh ! where, on his restless wing.TXT
%%File: VIRS0245.COM
%%Name/Aliases: Cascade, 1704, 17Y4, 1704 B, 1704 C, Cascade A, Falling Tears, The Second Austrian Virus, Autumn, Blackjack, Falling Leaves, Cunning, Fall, Falling Letters, Herbst, Cascade YAP, YAP,Jo-Jo, Formiche.