TELEMANCY - series

The dead and embedded- John Logie Baird (d.1946) inventor of the world's first television, Richard Nixon (d.1994), apologist President of the United States between 1969 - 1974 and the Test Card Girl, an ageless girl stuck in the medium of the television with her silent clown bubbles, recite poetic versions of songs from popular culture about television.

Thanks to Nazim Kourgli, Graeme Wilson and the Test Card Girl.


John Logie Baird, d.1946 recites
TVOD. 0:43, 2012.
(The Normal)

TV is King. 2:38, 2012.
(The Tubes)

Richard Nixon, d. 1994 recites
I'm the Slime 2:40, 2012.
(Frank Zappa)

Test Card Girl recites
Television Rules the Nation. 1:06, 2012.
(Daft Punk)

Fade Away and Radiate. 2:06, 2012.

Sound commission for Basic.Fm - Aired during the analogue/digital switch-over.

They're Here »

Telemancy »
3:17, 2013.

Post-analogue switch-off, television becomes a conduit and a space for disembodied signals of the dead.