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PATRA v2.1- foraged spice edition poster.FEAST Journal- SPICE Issue, 2021

Darkness to Light: sunrise mix- Winter Solstice : 24 Hour LIVE Broadcast 20-21 December 2020. RE:LISTEN- Pt 3: 7.10-9.10 >>

TONE_DEAF V.1- micro commission 2020

EATING | THINGS BEER & BERRIES Festival Hospitalfield, Arbroath, UK. September 12 2020

Fantastic(e)ating Food Futures workshop- documentation >> July 2020

Dawn mix for Slow Down Solstice : 12 Hour LIVE Broadcast 20-21 June 2020 RE:LISTEN- 7.53-8.38 >>

V I R O C E N E- Online work 18 May- 22 May 2020

KAALA SONA- RE:LISTEN 17 May & 24 May 2020

POSTPONED:>E-NUMBERS v2.0: Exhibition<,Summerhall, Edinburgh. 4 April- 28 June 2020

PATRA v2.0 resilience recipe FEAST Journal- SALT Issue, 2020

v i r o c e n e- window(s) virus, Feb 2020

E-NUMBERS V2.0: Exhibition & event, Great North Museum, September 2019

Bio-Design Lab, University of Edinburgh, May 2019

E-Numbers Residency, ASCUS, 2018-19

Green Lab Residency, micro_food library, 2018-19

EATING|THINGS, FEAST Journal, Consuming children Issue 1, 2018

ANALOGUE IS NOT DIGITAL- Telemancy series, EYELINER, Workplace Gallery, Gateshead, September 2018

ArtHouses, Whitley Bay, Selection panel, June 2018

the_lovers, Moravian Library, Brno, CZ. January 2018

Sixth Mass Extinction: snack bar. October 2017

field recordings. Dark Outside FM, Sanctuary Lab, Dumfries & Galloway Forrest, UK. September 2017

micro_bar. August 2017

FEED. Exhibition & in conversation. Queens Hall Arts, Hexham July 2017

micro_micro. 2 Degrees Festival, London. June 2017

musik & sound

  Indian Cinema vinyl archive
Star & Shadow radio pt.1 & pt.2
    TONE_DEAF V.1 Reversioning bias, December 2020    

virus work- 2001 +

v i r o c e n e- human malware series. Covid times, May 2020 v i r o c e n e- window(s) virus. Window Wonders, February 2020      
Networked virus installation
automating romantic erroneous*
Single screen virus installation
Three machine networked virus installation
life is... A BEAUTIFUL VIRUS connect <-> dis ->connect ->

Current / Recent projects

MFL: MICRO_FOOD library MFL: micro_micro MFL: micro_bar MFL: Micro_cooking club MFL
FEED exhibition
MFL: Invisible Tour MFL: E-NUMBERS V2.0 MFL: E-NUMBERS V2.0
Great North Museum
resillience recipes how to make... a salad    
resillience recipes X
sixth mass eXtinction
how to... make a salad
collaborative cooking

On-going projects

A two-part data-mining/ foraging project
Field Recordings:
infrastructure archaeology
Field Recordings:
A tour of military communications
The error_glitch repository The 'digital' photography repository  


Synthetic biology >meets< witchcraft
end of analogue television
Fresh-air shed
Plant-based installation
Cultivation Lab
Cultivating from the public and the proprietary
Molecular gastronomy
Technical expectations managing human processes
In no particular order!
orchestrated interaction between two spaces of information
networked body booth Towerblock tv
Ambient CCTV video work

ARCHIVE: Collaborations

Blind-folded performance
K. rich & S. Solanki projects
Flat of Culture
72hr webcast
Streaming media & net radio project
Aural State
S.Solanki & D.Speakman
Sound & spoken word collaboration
90 minutes of image and electronics
Synchronised robotic biofeedback performance

Programmes & Curation



Illustration- Power Monopoly board Publication Photography & illustration Live-stock- 72 hr webcast design & photography